How Does Qoverus Help Resolve Online Shopping Issues?

Online buying has some hazards, particularly when you must buy anything without seeing or evaluating it, whether it’s apparel, cosmetics, beauty products, shoes, or electrical goods. Returning things due to issues with size, fit, condition, color, or shipping is common, and you’ll be able to receive a refund or a replacement.

Tracking internet suppliers that fail to provide on their commitments is tough but not difficult. The first step is to call the customer care department of the website or merchant. With the exception of phony shopping sites, respectable sites will resolve issues after walking through the redress procedure and following up.

There can be many reasons to return a product ordered online. Here are a few:

  • The Product Description Doesn’t Match
  • Late Deliveries & Improper Order Tracking

Have you suffered from online shopping issues and experienced any of such reasons to return the product, Qoverus can be the right choice to get your money back 

What Services Do Qoverus Offer?

The company offers complete Protection on all your online purchases and ensures you get the money back on your successful returns if you are unsatisfied with the product.

Money-Back After 90 Days

Are you not sure about returning the product or the issue? You can take the time of 90 days instead of 15 days to make it clear for you. Discuss the case with the team and plan a claim through the official website of the company, and they’ll help you throughout the money-back process under the Visa/Mastercard protection guidelines.


  • More time to analyze the decision
  • More powerful claim
  • Expert advice

Full Refund

After you submit the claim, you don’t need to worry about receiving the refund value. The experts at Qoverus will help you receive a full refund of the product value, including the shipping costs, directly into your payment card.


  • Complete refund for the returned product
  • Guidance throughout the process
  • Get value incurring shipping costs

Extensive Assistance

Experts will help you evaluate the complete details and plan a strong claim. Qoverus provides the overall assistance during the online process, whatever the type of online purchase you made.


  • Professional Assistance 
  • Plan the overall process

Covers Any Online Retailer

You can choose a custom plan for a specific online retailer in the world. It will provide you protection cover on all your online purchases on that retailer. 


  • Safer online shopping
  • Eligible for any online purchase 

How Are The Qoverus Services Used?

The company can only help you claim a refund for any product you shopped from an online retailer if you fulfill any of these criteria.

  1. You made the payment using a Visa/Mastercard/Amex card.
  2. You submit the claim within 90 days of your purchase.
  3. You experienced any of the following situations during or after the purchase:
  • The product is defective
  • The amount is deducted twice, or it is incorrect 
  • You are asked for repeated payment after canceling the subscription.
  • The product doesn’t match the description
  • The product is broken

You have to provide the following papers in order for your claim to be successful:

  • Purchase information
  • Details of any statements made on which you agreed
  • Any agreement you got during the purchase
  • Any further communication you’ve had while resolving the issue

How Does Qoverus Work?

It is easy, and you can get your refund in these three simple steps.

1. Report the issue with an online purchase

When you make the purchase and have concerns about the product you get, let the Qoverus team know your thoughts. Discuss the issue through phone, chat, or email within 90 days to make a strong claim.

2. Fill up the form and submit your claim

Explore the website to know if your claim is valid and eligible for your refund. Fill out the form in the ‘Claim My Refund’ section, check out the required documents, and submit your claim.  

3. Get complete assistance for refund claims.

After you contact the Qoverus team, you will get complete assistance throughout the process till you receive your claimed value.

Need more information about Qoverus? Check out the website and submit the claim! You can also visit our Facebook Page here .

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