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Online shopping is very convenient. Don’t we all shop online when we can easily get to the store and get back home in less than 30 minutes? Because reputable online businesses want happy, loyal customers, they make returning something almost as easy as buying it. But what if the seller doesn’t refund you even though you’re entitled to it? Or what if you order something and never receive it?

Have problems with your online purchase? No worries at all! Qoverus is a service that helps you get 100% of your money back when you shop online. Qoverus support is designed to protect your rights to any retailer in the world and gives you a 90-day extension, double what other services offer! You can file a claim through the Qoverus website and they will assist you with the chargeback process following the Visa/Mastercard safeguards guidelines.

The different services offered by Qoverus.com

Qoverus is intended to protect your right to a refund and to assist you in making a refund request within 90 days of purchase, from any online retailer around the world! If you have made a purchase online and you are not satisfied with it, Qoverus allows you to withdraw your full cash back. 

They will help you with their service and get a full refund on any online purchase you are not satisfied with if:

  1. You did not receive the goods or services 
  2. Goods or services found to be defective, counterfeit or defective.
  3. You are charged the wrong price, or charged multiple by mistake
  4. You get charged again after unsubscribing 
  5. Defective product or service 
  6. The company does not deliver what it promised you when the product or service was purchased.

The advantages of each Qoverus service

Qoverus covers all retailers around the world and gives you a 90-day warranty. 

Covered up to 90 days – Qoverus gives you 90 days instead of 15 days to decide. Once claimed, Qoverus will assist you with the cashback process in accordance with the Visa/Mastercard safeguards guidelines.

Great and reliable service- Helps you claim a refund on purchases you’re not 100% satisfied with.

Safe and secure service – Qoverus will provide you with refund assistance on all online orders. They follow significant data collection, storage, and processing execution of data and protective measures to safeguard unauthorized access, modification, disclosure, or destruction of your personal information, username, password, transaction data, and information stored on their Site.

Full refund – Qoverus will assist you in claiming a refund for the full amount of the item and any shipping costs incurred, directly to your payment card.

Extensive Assistance – Qoverus will support and manage the entire claims process for eligible online purchase.

Covers any online retailer – Protect all your online purchases, worldwide, from any retailer. 

How the Qoverus services are used

Members must file a complaint under the “Make a claim” page and provide the following information:

  • The name of the retailer you paid 
  • The date you pay and how you pay such as in-store, by phone, or online – or offline, whether through a payment platform like PayPal or Klarna
  • Goods or services you have paid for with a detailed description e.g. color, brand, size of the goods and estimated delivery date 
  • What is the problem with providing the product or service? 

How does Qoverus work?

1. Contact Qoverus if you’re having trouble making an online purchase.

Contact Qoverus if you have any query or concerns about a purchase you are not satisfied with. Contact Qoverus by call, email or chat within 90 days of purchase. 

2. Submit your request

Check the requirements to make sure your purchase qualifies for a claim. 

  • Your purchase must be successful with your Visa / Mastercard / Amex card. 
  • Your request must be made within 90 days of your purchase.

Next, go to the “Claim my refund” page and submit the required documents. 

3. Get immense assistance for your refund claim 

The Qoverus team will accompany you and ensure that you get your refund as soon as possible. 

In order for your request to be accepted, please provide the appropriate documentation:

  • Purchase details 
  • Details of anything that was said that you have relied on
  • Any contract assigned to you 
  • Any other correspondence you have with the retailer while trying to resolve the issue problem

Members can request for a refund under Qoverus between the 15th day to the 90th day after purchase of a product or service. The claim must be made by an active member who has paid the registration fee on time. If a Member cancels his/her membership, he/she still has the right to appeal until the end of the subscription period.

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